Chamomile Dried Flowers in a 10ml Glass Essential Oil Roller Ball Bottle Petals

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These roll on glass bottles are perfect for storing diluted essential oils. They contain dried chamomile that look beautiful in diluted essential oil solution and a fragrance that helps in relaxation and controlling emotions. Just add your diluted essential oil into the bottle to carry your favorite scent with you all day. The scent of the flowers blend into the added diluted essential oil forming a unique fragrance for the wearer.

Chamomile - helps with sleep and insomnia

Glass bottle attributes

✦ 10 ml leak-proof, glass, roll on bottle - Each bottle includes a pipette to add essential oils
✦ Dried chamomile

Note: Ready to use essential oils are not included. Due to presence of dried flowers within the glass bottle, the total volume of oils that the container can hold is less than 10 ml. Please perform dilutions in a separate container prior to adding into roll on bottle.

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Care Instructions

Please ensure that the roll on top and lid and securing tightened to avoid leaking of product. When traveling, roll on glass bottles should be placed in a padded, zip-lock bag or similar in case of damage. Once oil has been added to dried flowers and glass bottles, it is recommended that flowers be discarded and glass container be discarded. However, if you choose to reuse glass container, please ensure that you wash items thoroughly with soap and water and allow products to dry completely before reusing. Flowers should not be reused.

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