Tamara - Kyanite Lapis Lazuli Clarity Stress Bracelet

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Tamara is always dear to our hearts and her stunningly peaceful design is one of our most prized fashion pieces for holiday party, proms, date nights, and every special occasion. Kyanite restores balance, induces tranquility, and promotes self reflection, truth, and creativity. Lapis lazuli is a gem of royalty and considered a stone of truth to encourage honesty, harmony, and wisdom.  Selenite promotes deep peace and meditation to help provide clarity. 

Kyanite - balance, tranquility, self reflection, truth, creativity
Lapis lazuli - truth, honesty, harmony, wisdom
Selenite - deep peace, meditation, clarity. 

Jewelry Attributes

100% Natural stones
Gemstones measure approximately 8mm
Spacers are 92.5% sterling silver
- Bracelets are taken in a professional light so colors may vary (large size shown in picture). Since each stone is natural, stone colors, shapes, sizes and patterns may vary – making each bracelet unique.  

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