Diffuser Pendants with Necklace

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 Choose from one of three amazingly crafted pendants attached by a 316L stainless steel chain (24 inches). This pendant is not only decorative but comes with 6 felt pads of various colors. One or two drops of your favorite essential oil can be added to the pad to carry that scent with you all day long. These necklaces are perfect gifts for any holiday! 

Jewelry Attributes

Metal Chain: 316L Stainless Steel chain
Metal Locket: Fashion metal alloy
Length: 24 inches
Includes: 6 felt pads for essential oil application

Care Instructions

Use a soft cloth to polish and clean metals. Avoid water and harsh chemicals. 

Size Guide

This necklace is available with a 24 inch stainless steel chain.  Custom sizes are not available.

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