7 Chakra Lava Stone Essential Oil Bracelet 6mm 8mm

7 Chakra Lava Stone Essential Oil Bracelet 6mm 8mm

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Fall in love these colorful and fun 7 chakra bracelets complete with lava stones diffusers.

Bracelet Size (inches)
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These beautifully assorted elastic beaded bracelets are designed for men and woman to fit wrist sizes from 6.5 inches -7.5 inches. Each bracelet contains natural stones of lava rock for essential oil diffusion combined with chakra stones for a stunning, yet inexpensive, design. This boho fashion bracelet is made with stretch elastic for easy everyday wear and comfort for all size wrists.


Stones are hand-picked to ensure the best quality and this bracelet is a perfect accent piece for your natural jewelry collection.


Black Lava - symbolized as a power rock that represents balance, grounding and protection to ward off negativity

Amethyst - prevention of overindulgence and bad habits, protection and healing, anxiety relief, stress relief, passion, and creativity

Lapis Lazuli - gem of royalty and symbolized as the "stone of truth" to represent honesty, harmony, and wisdom

Tigers Eye - power, courage, self-confidence, and fearlessness

Red Agate - strength, healing, self-confidence, good fortune, stress

Turquoise (Green Howlite), Green Imperial, Amber Resin

DISCLAIMER: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any health condition.

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