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Updated: Mar 15

Our African waist beads are the perfect tool to help with your weight loss journey or to adorn your waist out and about and at the beach! Choose any size up to 45 inches (or clasp 2 bracelets together for larger sizes, for example, buy two 25inch bracelets for a 50 inch waist bead). Our waist beads are handmade in Kenya, Africa and customized for your body size. Waist beads roll up as you gain weight and roll down as you lose weight. They contain a gold, barrel clasp for easy application. ** Waist beads can also be worn as wrap bracelets **

Gemstone Color Intention:

✦ Black - protection, power

✦ Blue - loyalty, truth, peace, calm

✦ Brown - earth, stability, balance

✦ Gold - power, wealth, wisdom

✦ Green - abundance, fertility, prosperity, harmony

✦ Orange - courage, confidence, vitality, hope

✦ Pink - care, love, romance, joy

✦ Purple - royalty, wisdom

✦ Red - confidence, courage, passion, strength

✦ Turquoise - communication, healing, intuition, tranquility

✦ White - truth, purity, innocence

✦ Yellow - energy, joy, optimism, fertility

Measuring for Waistbeads

✦ Wrap measuring tape at location where you prefer to wear waist beads.

✦ Do not tuck in your stomach and add 0.5-1 inch to size when measuring for day to day variation.

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