Rose Quartz - A Rose by Any Other Name

Updated: Mar 15

Stone: Rose Quartz

Chakra: Heart

Birthstone: January

In honor of Valentine's Day, lets talk about Rose Quartz. This beautiful stone can range from a vary pale pink to a very rich pink. It has a Mohs Hardness score of 7, meaning its pretty durable, not easy to scratch, and through commonly used in jewelry. While you can find faceted forms of rose quartz, it is very difficult to distinguish due to the translucent color of rose quartz. It is found id deposits all over the world and relatively inexpensive comparted to most stones.

Rose quartz is commonly referred to as the "love stone" and thought to have strong energies to increase love and happiness. It can be used for grieving, mending a broken heart, and self-love for those battling trauma, depression, anxiety and poor self-esteem. It is part of the heart chakra and pairs well with citrine, carnelian, and amethyst to increase its energy. Rose quartz and carnelian are thought to promote relationships and fertility, citrine and rose quartz promote happiness in your life (similar to a good luck charm), and amethyst and rose quartz promote clarity, self-love, and solutions within a relationship.

Whether you are drawn to rose quartz for its beauty or its spiritual properties, we have several items adorned with rose quartz. Find them by clicking the links below.

Rose Quartz Power Bracelets

Pink Rose Quartz Leather Wrap

Pink Zebra Jasper and Rose Quartz Bracelet

Rose Quartz Chips in Essential Oil Roller Bottle


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